Israeli TZ80 ammo 7.62x51mm brittle brass?

I’ve got some Israeli 7.672x51mm headstamped TZ80. Is this stuff ok to shoot? I’ve read that the brass is brittle and can cause potential damage to firearm or personal injury. Supposedly a bad production lot? If true, any idea what months of production this pertains to?

I can only speak from my own experience about this ammo, and only about the lot numbers we had at our store. I alluded to this year of TZ NATO ammo before on this forum. We bought a quantity of it years ago. As I recall it was less than ten years old when we got it. It was visually in mint condition in original packaging. Immediately, we had trouble with hang-fires with it. I don’t recall any problem relating to brittle brass, and no damage to firearms - only to the nerve of the inexperienced shooters who used it and had never experienced a hangfire previously. We did not sell much of it, as after the third or fourth complaint of hangfires, we withdrew it from sale and returned it to the supplier for a refund.

I cannot indict every round of this ammo made. We had only about 5,000 rounds of it, and that probably encompassed only a few, and perhaps a single manufacturing lot. I can just say what happened. It is interesting that complaints are circulating in other regards about the same date and manufacturer though.

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Thanks for the info.