Israelian 9 mm para


can you tell me more about this israelian cartridge.


Your Israeli 9mm round is in essence, a frangible. The steel balls encased in plastic reduce the penetration of the round on hard targets while giving it some half-way decent terminal ballistics and wound ballistics on soft targets. The plastic breaks up upon impact with hard targets dispersing the dispersing the steel projectiles within and reducing their ability to penetrate. The common wisdom is that it was made specifically as an anti-skyjacking round. That might be true, but I have always suspected that it was made for ANY purpose where such ammunition might be safer to use; that is, defeat an enemy with less danger to innocent parties in close proximity to the target, or “captive” in an airplane where serious damage by misses to the aircraft could cause it to crash.

They used to be extremely scarce, but in recent years, have showed up in quantity in the U.S., both in box lots and in G.I. ammo cans, loose-packed and mixed dates.

Nice round. I was thrilled when I got mine years ago, and it was even more fun when I got an empty box as well. A good addition to any collection, still scarce or not.

These were designed to be used in crowded spaces (ie: airplanes) where over-penetration would be a problem. They are sort of like Glasers and Magsafes. The last line, where the Lot Number should be, says “EXPERIMENTAL”, but I heard that some might have been issued to ElAl security personnel. The second line says “FOR SUB-MACHINE GUNS”, the Uzi.

I love Israeli ammunition! That is definitly a very interesting round that I have never seen.

PS: I use Magsafes in my 9 and this round reminds me a little of it.
PSS: Looks like a cool special purpose round for Pepper!

I read it is not produce in israel but probably in USA for IDF or israelian police.

No, it was made in Israel, for Israeli use, back in the 1970s. I have never heard of any US connection to this ammunition.

The only Isreali headstamped round that I know of that was loaded in the US for Isreal, for experimentation with a taper-bore Uzi SMG I was told, was one of the Colt SSB (Salvo Squeeze Bore) rounds. Most are loaded in American cases, and one major lot in Canadian-made cases with the COLT SSB headstamp, but one lot was loaded in NPE cases sent from Israel.

Jon may have more information on thse than I. While I had my round only weeks after the date on the headstamp, I have not seen a box label nor any documentation about this particular SSB round.

I only mention the round because that may actually be the round that Samourai heard of, and got mixed up with the round shown on this thread.

thanks a lot for your explain.