Israelie S, SA & SB headstamps


Does anyone know if these were made by IMI Israel for export, or if they were made by someone for Israel? One has navy paint the other a dark lavendar on the primer. (I do not have the SA headstamp but am looking for it if you have it.)

photos supplied by Will Reuter


They all sound like ones made by IMI. If the “S” is dated 44 or 49, you must add about ten years to that date, as the dates are spurious, However, I cannot be certain, as I canot open your pictures and they do not show for me on my coputer. Only a little box with a red “X” in it that does not respond to any attempts to open the pictures.

John Moss


That is od I can see them. Is anyone else not able to see them? In case, here is a description: The SB one has S B at 12 o’clock and the number 84 at 6 o’clock.
The other has an S at 6 o’clock and the number 25064 at 12 o’clock.


Reopening the thread, I can now see them. Something is going on though, and it is not just my computer. Lew Curtis was unable to see a picture I posted last night, but on a second visit to the site, he could see it. I could see that one when he couldn’t.

Those are Israeli. The “S” round is not the one I was thinking of. There are three different headstamps in the style of the “S” headstamp you show. There are two others with "S: that have trinomial headstamps. Some of these are tracers that had red tips, but the stuff that most of these rounds came to America in were worn and often the red tip was all but gone. It took a high-power magnifier to see red paint left in the pores of the bullet jacket.

It is my opinion from the manufacturing characteristics that all of the rounds in question were made in Israel.

John Moss