Israel's LATRUN Tank Museum And Memorial To The Fallen


This was one of the coolest places I have ever been to. They must have had well over 100 tanks and artillery pieces on display, most of which you were aloud to climb on. I took over 200 pics here. Many of the tanks and artillery pieces were from all over the world that were either given to Israel or captured and used by Israel. There was a Memorial wall here as well very similar to our Viet Nam wall that was very moving to see in person.

Me in front of a MERKAVA 4 Tank with a copy of the IAA Journal. Merkava means chariot in Hebrew.

The business end of an anti-mine flailing machine.

Not sure what this was because the display sign was not there.

M107 155MM

Inside a cutaway Patton Tank?

Also inside the other half of the Patton Cutaway tank. I was dying to take that APFSDS round home with me :-)

Closest tank is a Merkava 1, then a #2, then a #3 and in the back a #4

Unique to the Merkava tanks, these chain balls act as ANTI RPG armor increasing the standoff distance, thus not allowing the RPG plasma stream to get between the turret and hull of the tank.

Not sure what this devise is, but I think it may be the “TROPHY” system which also is an anti-rpg device. Multiple units of this same device were located on all sides of the Merkava 4.

This display shows the “OLD” armor plate on top and the “New” armor plate on the bottom. Both plates were hit by a HEAT and APFSDS round. Both rounds penetrated completely threw the top and not at all on the bottom. I am guessing this plate is about 8 inches thick. I love how you can see the fin marks of the APFSDS rounds.

Back side of plates.

Side view

Some of the specialized Bridge Laying modified tanks were amazing.


It is an awesome place to visit…but hot! You got some great pics.


Yes, it was super hot, but SO WORTH IT! I was in total heaven there.



Jason - that unlabeled tank chassis with the twin 40mm guns is an American M42 “Duster”: It has the L/60 version of the gun and fired stuff like this (pic from Tony Williams site):


And I believe that one was “donated” by the Jordanian Army in 1967.


Thanks, DK and, Jon! So many of the artifacts on display were definitely captured equipment from all of the surrounding Arab countries that attacked Israel over and over again threw the years. Many were Russian who supplied them. I really liked that double barrel 40MM M42 Duster. There was also a tank like machine that had 4 barrels there. I’ll look for a pic.



My guess: a ZSU-23-4, a Russian self-propelled antiaircraft system:


Yes! That is totally the same one that they had on display. Thanks so much!



I did not realize that Hotchkiss made actual tanks? I thought he primarily made ammunition and a few cannons.


To read the story enlivened by this type of tank (in French !)
Among the survivors someone were sold in Israel where their armament was transformed by the assemblyof more modern artillery so modifying the mask of turret. These were engaged in the campaign of the Sinai in 1956"”""" … &Itemid=36


Thank you, JP! That link is great even if I cannot read French. Fantastic photos! Very grateful.



Jason, where is this tank museum geographically, next to which large city? How hot is it? You are from southern Florida, when you say “it’s hot”, you frighten me.


It’s between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, closer to Jerusalem.


It is very hot here for sure but the heat is a lot more comfortable then in Miami because it is not near as humid. I love the heat so much more then the cold :-) In all honesty, the weather here has been absolutely beautiful so don’t let it stop you from visiting. LATRUN was one of my most favorite places on earth. :-) I just wish they had more tank ammunition on display.