ISS impact testing articled

And spacesuits!

Cub scouts camped overnight at Johnson Space Center.


It’s hard to even comprehend those velocities… Humans would simply perceive that as an instantaneous occurrence!

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I was once “lucky” enough to whitness a test of a rail gun, (I believe it was 1" diameter), fired in an undergound test range, with something like 30 cameras staged along the range to capture the event.
Simply put, it was utterly awesome, and scared the living poop out of me… and yes, nearly impossible to imagine the velocity involved!


Very cool stuff. Back in the '80s I worked for a place that did some work on the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka, “Star Wars”). They had one of the world’s largest lasers and used it to shoot holes through aluminum plates in a few millionths of a second. It could put out more power than the entire US electric grid (up to 2 Terawatts or 2,000,000,000,000 watts). It took 10 minutes to charge a room full of capacitors and then dump all that power in a tiny fraction of a second. Then it would take half an hour to cool the whole thing down before it could be fired again.