Issue #455 Update

JOURNAL Issue #455, page 44, had an article by Moi titled “Benchrest Cartridges - Something Old, Something New”. Some of you may have actually read it. I originally wrote that short article a couple of years ago and sent it to Chris for possible filler material. The cartridge called “U Name It” was still under development at the time but has now been finalized and is an official Benchrest cartridge. The designer left it full length (1.64") but everything else is the same. The shooter used all of his imagination and called it the 30 WSSM.

Who cares, you ask? Well, probably no one except him and me. But it’s really hot outside and I’ve nothing else to do except report this update to you.


I LIKE IT! :-) Thanks for that Ray! How big is it? I like the shape, kinda reminds me of the short and fat 50 caliber round posted a while back. I think it was called FAT BOY or something like that? Anyhow, really cool round and pic.

Hey, you’re right. It does kinda look like a shrunken 50 FAT MAC.

It has a .550" body, is 30 caliber and 1.64" CL.


FAT MAC! That’s what it was called :-)!

That pretty blue bullet and the nickeled case give it a designer look. Tres chique!

A big part of why I collect certain shells is purely due the way they look, and this shell has really nice lines. Very cool! Plus I like the color projectile.