Issue #458 received

  • I received today [Nov 1st] the Issue #458. Very interesting articles and 4 color pages, not to mention the covers. For the first time I wrote something about the strippers clips [see on page 54] which I started to collect not long time ago. Since there are so many types of stripper clips, I would like to read more about this subject on the IAA Journals. Articles about steel belts and disintegrating links [for 20mm caliber and larger] would also be very interesting. Liviu 11/01/07

I received mine as well today.

Regarding George Kass’ brief article concerning the Juenke Brothers, Vern Juenke is still plugging along at his shop “The Accuracy Den.”

If I can find it, there was an article in American Handgunner magazine back in the late '70s/early '80 concerning Vern’s work with Thompson/Center Contender pistols and related wildcats for Metallic Silhouette shooting.

And also I received the Journal in the Netherlands today 02-11
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