Italian 13.2 x 99 Hotchkiss

13.2 x 99 Hotchkiss from Italy
XI 34
CT is Campo Tizzoro, one of SMI factories.
XI is the 11th lot of 1934
Not sure if the bullet is correct or a nicely made up stuffer.
The case is drilled.
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SMI XI 34 CT 50 BMG SMI XI 34 CT 50 BMG a SMI XI 34 CT 50 BMG b

Bob, this is a 13.2x99 Hotchkiss.
The projectile is a self made mockup.

CT likely stands for “Campo Tizzoro” another location of a factory by SMI pre WW2. Some ammo they had they just headstamped. C.T and a 3 digit year (not including the one for 19XX) so would display as 940 for 1940.

After your post i found a bit more info and edited my post.

Bob , Roman 11 = XI represents 6th (Roman VI) lot?

As Hans said, I believe that XI stand for eleven so the case was made in november 1934.

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What year did Italy start producing this caliber?

Italy started producing the Breda model31 heavy machine gun in 1931.
I would feel safe to say ammo started around the same time.

I have two fired cases with unfired Ball projectiles. Projectile length is 62.0mm.

1X S.M.I. 39 C.T.
V BPD 36 S

Drawing 13.2x99mm, Italian AP showing a headstamp date of 1931