Italian 1942 Carcano box from Milan

This is a language question. In front it refers to cartridges as “cartucce” but in the pink stamp on top it calls them “bossoli”. What is the difference between these 2 words?

Cartucce = cartridge
Bossoli = case

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Nice boxes Vlad.

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Steel (acciaio)

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So isn’t case = cartridge?

Cartridge = case + primer + propellant + projectile

…and a case is a case.

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Case+, Well, I’m sure you get the point.
A case is a fired, deprimed cartridge.

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Fred, to what I have learned a case and a primer or case + primer and propellant does not qualify as a cartridge though. I am aware that the general designation still remains as a “cartridge” but technically is not.

At least in the German ammo world this is a very point of telling things apart in legal issues.

And cases also can be not fired or never having had a primer as they are entering the world in this state.

That is true👍

Bossoli Acciaio: “Steel Case”. Cartridge with a steel case. I presume they’re lacquered like German steel-cased ammo.

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The box indicates it contains 18 loose-packed rounds rather than packed in three 6-round ammo clips.

Collaudare il… = “Tested on…” Tested as functional on the date. Probably previously made and repacked.
31 AGO. 1942 XX = 31st - Agosto (“August”) - 1942 (Fascist Year XX, or “20”). Mussolini came to power in 1922 and the Fascist calendar began numbering every following year in Roman numerals. 1942 was the twentieth anniversary, or XX.

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I wondered about XX…Thanks. Actually, out of a dozen boxes I grabbed at a show, this is the only one to contain not Italian but Dutch 6.5x53.5mm on chargers. I am going to make a separate thread because it is a different calibre.