Italian 37mm 37/54 AA


Has anyone got any pictures of a HE round for the 37mm 37/54 Italian AA gun? I need to do some research on this, and conduct a restoration on a round.



I have a complete round of HE-T for the 37/54, as well as an empty steel case, but have not learned how to post scans/photos to this forum yet.  I can scan the projectile (if that's what you need), and send the scan to you directly if you desire.  It will be sometime next week before my new computer is ready, so can do it then.  If you need data on the projectile or round, I can provide that also.


Jim-- Here is the link on the Forum for instructions on how to post images on the Forum

If you have any questions, email me by clicking on “email” below,

G-Day Jim,

Nice to talk again, my address [is available by clicking on the email link below] if you could send pics & info on the round & projectile, that would be fantastic, thanks.

When you get your new computer up & running would be fine, maybe also post it on the forum for all to see & reference for future.

I have only seen the brass cases here in Australia, the complete round I got came from the US! Never seen a projectile here.

Thanks again,

Regards Peter.


I’m having problems with the new computer, but do have a nice scan of the projectile and will send it by PM if the computer will let me. After I practice posting photos, I’ll post it in the forum also.


Thank you for the link to the photo posting instructions.