Italian 37x232SR


Hi all. I picked this up mated with a us 37mm m16 case but i think someone just put the two together. The antique store had a one day a month 25% off sale and they were closing so I just grabbed it. Can someone help me identify it or at least the country of origin.



This is an Italian 37mm and quite rare. Should be the 37/40 or 37/54.
The Italian case it should be on looks similar to the US 37mm cases but has some slight differences and an Italian head stamp of course.


I removed the tracer compound that should not affect it’s value correct? By the way thanks for the input, I’ll have to do some more research.


Correct, if you did not do any damage to the metal parts of the tracer screw.


The Italian case measures 37x232SR with a 51.5mm diameter rim (compared with 37x223SR with a 51.1mm rim for the US AA gun round). I don’t have one in my collection (never seen one for sale) but as I recall the case has a very long neck.





Thanks for the picture first one I have seen after searching the net. Is the left over paint on mine original? The AA guns are used on warships from what I can tell, were there land mounts also? Is there anyone that can give me an idea what in history made these hard to find and rare. To me this is a advanced collector piece when information is scarce, it kinda takes some fun out of it.