Italian 6,5 Arisaka rifles


Good morning guys
I don’t know if any of you have already dealt with this subject, if it were, I apologize in advance.
I wanted to know if any of you have information on the cartridges that were used to test the Arisaka 6.5 caliber rifles made in Italy for the Japanese.
Here we have never found “Italian” cartridges in this caliber.
It is unthinkable that the weapons were not, at least tested.
Original Japanese cartridges?
Are you aware of any information about this?
Thanks for any information

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Very good question (sorry, have no answer). I have one Type I rifle, a cool hybrid of Carcano and Arisaka. I only assume that Italians have used original Japanese 6.5x50 Arisaka ammo for testing. Eagerly awaiting to be called a fake news disseminator (I hope there is original Italian made Arisaka ammo).