Italian 6.5x52 WW1 era

I have an small article from 1915 that says USCCo. had a contract for 6 million Italian machine gun cartridges, with no caliber specified. I will admit that at first I just assumed 9mmG was being discussed. Then I remembered that Italy had two 6.5 caliber machine guns, the seldom seen Perino and the Fiat-Revelli Model 14 .

As far as I can tell, this contract did not come to fruition.

Where the Italians shopping for a source for 6.5 during that time period ?

Can anyone elaborate on this or any other Italian contracts in the U.S. during that period ?

As far i can tell standard mlitary 6.5 mm carcano ammunition was used in rifles and machineguns.

There’s no “machine gun” ball loadings that differ from standard rifle ball ones


Ammunition “type” aside, are you aware of any cartridges made outside of Italy in that time frame ?

I am not aware of any 6.5 mm cartridges made outside Italy during WWI ( 1914 - 1918)

Before those years Carcano ammunition was listed in DWM ( ca. 1900 - 1904) and SFM catalogs. SFM listed this cartridge in their 1900 catalog, and 1903 & 1909 drawings by SFM exist too.

If the USCCo article is correct, and order for “machinegun cartridges” would mean they were packed in 50 Round Boxes, rather than the 18 round, three-clip packets.( for rifles and carbines).

The Reveilli M1914 especially, used a 50 round Box (cardboard) for ammo, as it was used to fill a single “mousetrap” Magazine ( Box with 10x5 round “columns”) which fed through the Gun…The Carton design was again used in the 1950s, for repacking 6,5 cartridges for Surplus sale ( brown pasteboard, string closure, cartridge nesting inside of die-cut card again).

The Perino used a Tray type feed system, similar to the Hotchkiss, but I don’t know how many rounds were in a tray ( maybe 25?) Again, a 50 round Box would have been “Machine Gun Ammo”

USCCo. also had other large “6,5mm” orders in 1915 and 16 ( Netherlands and Roumania (sic)) but these were in 6,5x53R (Rimmed Mannlicher) Cartridges.

Italy in WW I did order (from USA) Components in 10,4 Vetterli and also 9mm Glisenti ammo.

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Could it be for 8mm Breda MG?


not during WWI

not during WWI[/quote]
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