Italian 7.7 x56R


How safe are Italian 7.7 x56R blue tip ? Do the holes in the jacket weaken over time?


Not if you do not fondle them or try to poke it with tools or so.


Well I figured as much…lol…I know you shouldnt drop B-patrone or jap 7.7 flat tip…
But some times as brass corrodes is there chance of ignition?


This one contains only WP. So if dropped it will not explode.
But if you mash it hard you may break the metal foil in the holes and the WP may be exposed to the oxygene of the air and start burning/smoking.
So no issue of chemical instability.


Then simple storage in the original boxes shouldnt pose a problem…how sensitive is the jap 7.7 flat tip?


Right, normal storage and normal treatment for ammo.

About the Japanese I can not say much other than I heard some went off when dropped.
But given it contains aging HE and there the sensitive type I would not want to have it in my house.


about 7.7 japanese HE ,in the past someone talk about it and it very sensitive
many collectors wouldn’t had these
personnally i refuse WP rounds because if the jacket is corroded maybe a problem
but i had no reticence for a 7.62x54 PZ because no contain WP
the rounds that i avoid:

all containing WP (incendiary ,beo …)
japanese and italy HE (all caliber)
MDZ soviet (i don’t know the sensitivity)

i had no problem with a mk211 raufoss (no WP and less sentisive)


As long as WP projectiles are nto corroded they do not pose any danger.

Those with soldered holes in the side (like German SPr and British .303 with stepped bullets) and some others they should remain in the case necks so the solder spots stay covered…


thank for your response
so the 7.7x56 italian blue tip and tapered holes are safe ?


This is like asking if a brick is safe.
If it sits on your table untouched it is perfectly fine but if dropped from the 10th floor the answer is way different.

Just do not do anything inappropriate to it and treat it like any life ammo is to be treated.


Granted…I was concerned as this ammo gets older and components degrade should there be extra precautions…Just in simple handling and storage…
Also I work in a shooting range and you wouldn’t believe what some people try to put through their firearms…They dont have any idea about some surplus ,if it fits shoot it…


I bet there are many surprised faces then and also broken guns…


It’s both sad AND absolutely fascinating what some people buy for their guns.

  1. I think most is related to the absence of a mandatory certification of ammo being sold publically.
    Like in Europe where all sold ammo has to have a CIP certification and regarding packing stating on the manufacturer and the correct caliber.

  2. And this in conjunction with the non existant regulation to have a mandatory fire arms training that includes an exam.

And both things together make up for broken guns, injury and death.


I’d have to partly disagree with you there.

I live in Australia, with some tough laws, everyone with a licence has to go through the tests and knowledge exams and such.

I’ve had people just assume and buy .22LR for their .22WMR and shoot it.
They can’t even be bothered to read the barrel markings

I’ve had a guy try to run .222 through his .223

I’ve had a guy ask me if he can reload .303 bullets for his .308

I’ve had a guy tell me that his .22 ammo is only new-made because he only bought it that week, nevermind the fact that the box is old and that that line of ammo is no longer made.

A mate of mine has had a guy running .308 through his 7.65x53.

My point is, while your two reasons would contribute to people doing this, it would not solve the problem if they were legislated. If people are truly ignorant they’ll always find a way to show it.


I also live in Australia and tend to agree with Guin. Legislation can be of some benefit, however, it will never stop criminals acquiring guns, nor will it stop idiots being idiots.
Yesterday a gunshop was raided and 50 weapons stolen. A fair bet they will all end up in the hands of criminals who cannot get a license within the law.
We can’t even buy ammunition without showing a current Weapons Licence and that is in Queensland. I think Victoria may be even tougher…


In Germany we have extremely few problems with wrong ammo in wrong guns.
There must be a reason.

Wasn’t speaking of criminals which are mainly retarded per se - regardless of nationality.