Italian 9 mm Boxes



Very nice packets. Can you tell me the maker for the two on the left, perhaps to be found on the back or sides of the packets? They are label formats I have never seen. I especially like the top one of the two, which uses the caliber designation
"9/34" (9 mm Corto, Modelo 1934), a format for the caliber and pistol model that I have not seen before on these boxes.

Thanks for posting these. Kind of wih they had not had the clear wrappings on the boxes, as they would have photographed without glare without it, but grateful to have a picture of these regardless.


John, on the labels of the boxes on the left is written “Lotto PECA” and “Lotto LBC” so… Pirotecnico di Capua and Leon Beaux


Pivi - Thank you. On my screen, it is very hard to see that - much reflection off of the wrapping around the boxes. Thanks. More boxes to look for.


The Use of "PECA " ( Pirotechnia Esercito di Capua) is a Post WW II Marking; (Also a headstamp in the 1960s-70s).

LBC instead was making 9mmM34 both before and after WWII, but closed in the post-1960s period. They also made M1 Carbine Ammo for the Italian Gov’t. (Machinery sold to Squires-Bingham, PI, (Now Armscor).

Doc AV



Doc AV,
What headstamps did LBC use, for the .30 M1 Carbine Ammo for the Italian Gov’t?



LBC used its typical “Military Contract” headstamp, such as “LBC 62” at 180 degrees( 12-6 o’clock).

Doc AV


Thanks Doc!
Does anyone have a picture of a LBC .30 Carbine headstamp? Any date, and a profile if possible? Hope I’m not getting to far off topic…



On the top left box there is written "RIORDINATO"
Which means repacked.

But repacked meaning they took all the same ctges and put them in a new box


repacked meaning they took loose ctges from different manufacturers and dates and put them in a new box ?




JP - it could mean both! However, my only sample (that I could find quickly, anyway) of a box marked “Riordinate a Capua nel 1 SEM 1959” has that label on an American .45 M1911 box from Remington Arms, Lot Number 5527. Unfortunately, I received the box empty. It would have been fun to see what ammo was in the box - that is, whether or not it was Remington or just a mix of U.S. .45 Ammo.

My Italian is not good enough for some of the subtle meanings of these words. Can Pivi or Doc Av tell us is “riordinate” could mean that the ammo was reinspected only, as well. I know that “riordinate” means “reorganized” in English as well, and that could cover a lot of conditions, simply from reinspection and passed on as is, to a complete repacking.

At any rate,my one box is a sample of “riordniate” using the original box, not new packaging, if that helps at all.


Here is a note from my files on another box of CAPUA repacked cartridges. Unfortunately, the box was empty when I got it. The only thing in it was this note. The under label indicates the ammo was probably a dou headstamped lot from 1941.




“riordinato” can be translated as “repacked” or “reorganized” …but I don’t know what it actually means.

I suspect that they had loose cartridges that they had repacked later.
Anyway they could had old boxes whose content had been inspected and then repacked too