Italian 9mm Kurz

My wife totalled her (MINE!!!) car yesterday. I thought about using that as an excuse for not knowing what this calibre was. Then I decided to tell the truth. Here I go: I like rifles and their ammo, my small pistol collection does not excite me (with exception of P-08 and P-38) and I rarely shoot them. This rimless round is Italian and measures about 9.5 x17mm. What is it?

It is a 9mm Kurz/Browning Short cartridge, also known as .380 ACP.

Your round was made by Pirotecnia di Bologna in 1940. The initials C.A. are those of the Chief Inspector at Bologna at the time, Alfredo Cavallo (in Italy, the last name is often given first - Cavallo Alfredo - which is why it is C.A. and not A.C.). The cartridge was called “9mm Modello 1934 (or 9M34)” militarily in Italy. Commercially, it is simply 9mm Corto (9mm Short). It is interchangeable with our .380 Auto round, as Jon Cohen noted. The bullet ogive on these Italian rounds is pretty distinctive.

Thanks to both of you. By the way, I like both 9mm and Tokarev, which is very distinctive in shape. Just to prove that I lie seldomly, here is my wife’s car.

Vlad - the car is just steel, plastic and rubber. that’s what insurance is for. Hope your wife was not hurt - that is all that is important!!! My best wishes to you both for a happy holiday season.