Italian all plastic shotshells

The hstp on the red and green ones is : 12 Brev. A. Sorci Genova-AN
The hstp on the blue one is : 12 R. Pinto 12 ESTE
Thehstp ontheorangeoneis 12 12
Has somebody info on the manufacturers ?


Pinto made these experimental cartridges during the first 50’.However in Italy they were a flop so he decided to sell its patent to Federal.In the USA the all plastic shells finally have a great commercial success.The original pinto shotshells aren’t common items.According to a friend of mine they were fabricated in 16 gauge too


I’ve never seen italian plastic shotshells made by other factories.Maybe the other ones in your pictures are handmade cartridges.I reported Pinto’s story as reported by a friend of his who had a gunshop in Torino

Hi Pivi!
I have other Italian made shotshells.
They are not hand made !!!

FWIW, Herter’s used to sell plastic shotgun hulls for reloaders. My dad got some back in the early 70’s. The “crimp” was a a seperate plastic circle that required a taper crimp to hold in place. I have a bunch in 12 gauge. They are a darker green than shown in jean-pierre’s photo. Unfortunately, due to military obligations, they are in storage.

I have seen later versions that were a almost translucent blue.

Patent info at

hi !
i put long time ago another topic where you have Herter and other US all plastic shotshells.

Anyway the all plastic shells were not designed first in Italy in the fifties.

They existed already before 1939. I put drawing in an old topic.
I don’t know if they are from French or Us origin.

just after WWII SGF did a lot of experimental trials with all plastic shells also