Italian ammunition box M2 for cal. 30 browning

Hy guys!

The compleat belt inside have the ordinary blet made by Pirotecnico of Capua and the tracer made by SMI.
whit the paper that certificated use of Italian and USA powder.

I hope you like it and I hope to see many of you in Switzerland in September.




Hi Nicola

nice box but the paper is even better
grazie mille


Yes the pice of paper is real interesting.

Neat can, belt, rounds & label !

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And this is the wooden container for 4 metal boxes

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Just excellent images!

These went to the range for demolition?

Many destroyed, some saved!!

Today i check the powder inside the cartridges:

this is the IMR 48495 load of ordinary bullet from Capua

and this is the BPD 4-468-011 italian version of IMR load of tracer bullet M25 fromSMI

Sorry, I missed something. Why was ammo destroyed?

Vlad, it was 62 years old.

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Gee Alex, don’t let John, Lew or Pete hear you say that…

Darren, it strongly applies to ammo only! :-)

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Correct replay, are very very old.

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