Italian and ? 40x158R (2 Pounder) Cases


I recently acquired these two fired 2 Pounder (40 x 158R) naval AA gun cases. The one on the right is Italian, it was made by SMI in 1918. I didn’t know Italy made these until I found this one. I am not sure what country made the other one. The headstamp is “KS25” with a crown after it. There is also a triangle, which is divided into 4 small triangles. There is a crown in the centre with the letters “A D K” around the three points. I doubt tis will be italian as the Italian alphabet has no letter K. The screw-in primer is unmarked. Does anyone know who made this case. I think it has a scandinavian look but that’s just my opinion.

Thanks for any info.


Falcon, the right one is Swedish. And despite the fact that I paid a lot of attention to Swedish medium caliber ammunition over the years I never seen or heard of Swedish made 2pdr cases.

Italian ones are well documented but seldomly found.

Two great cases you got there.


Thanks, both would be available for sale / trade if you are interested.

These cases also came with two unfired British base-fuzed HE projectiles, which are also not often found in good condition.