Italian books

Mr.Ruggero Filippo Pettinelli is the author of “Armi Portatili e Munizioni Militari Italiane 1870-1998”, “Il Garand in Italia 1951-1996” and the co-author of “1891 Il Fucile Degli Italiani”. These books contain much useful information on Italian rifle cartridges and I wonder if someone can supply me with his e-mail address?

Hi Vidar…!

I have these books, especially Armi portatili e munizioni militari italiane 1870-1998 which is quite interesting.

When it was published, in 2002, e-mail addresses wer not yet so usual… so I think you should try to get in touch with Pettinelli through his editor :

Paolo Gaspari , via Vittorio Veneto I-49 33100 Udine, or e-mail… but I think that you already got this details ?



Click here for two of them

the other one you want is a bit difficoult to find out. Anyway I can ask Ruggero if he knows where to find it

I also live about 15 Km from Udine, where the editor is located, so I could ask directly to him…

Thanks Stuka222 and Pivi. I have Mr.Pettinell’s books, but just wanted to ask him a question. I received his e-mail address from his publisher and also another collector. A message to Mr.Pettinelli is on it’s way.