Italian boxes 7,65 Browning and 9mm corto


Here photos from a 7,65 Browning Fiocchi box with this UVM stamp on the back, unfortunatelly damaged on the Label, as omeone removed it from the groundpaper…
alos no ammo in it, so headstamp is unknown…

and than the front Label only, from a Fiocchi 9mm corto box with info of the powder used :
Ballistite from Dynamit Nobel from 1939…
Same Story: no cartridge cames with this relikt of a box…
But I think still interesting…given also the date of the Duce-Year XVII



I have the same Fiocchi Blue box as pictured except the
line including the date, “Fabbricazione 1939 - XVII” is not
there. The headstamp in my box is " . F . 1945". I suspect the
ammo in your box from 1939 would be headstamped "G. F. L. 1939"
with the “G” at 9 o’clock, the “F” at 12 o’clock and the “L” at three
o’clock, with the complete four-digit date at the bottom. The letters
are oriented so that they are all read right side - up with the “F” at the top.
Just a guess, but that is the only 1939 Fiocchi headstamp I know to be
from 1939 in this caliber.

John Moss