Italian Capotecnici Initials (1865-1913)

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After discussing this subject with other collectors, it seems that there is not much progress done in the identification of the initials found in Italian ammunition, so I decided to start my own research from scratch attempting to bring some light to this subject. For reference, I used two different lists published by two Italian collectors (Defrancisci and Zambon).

At this early stage, my attemp is to identify the initials found in small arms cartridges headstamps and boxes manufactured or stamped at Torino, Capua and Bologna. Further research may include initials used by military establishments located in other Italian cities, like Firenze, Mantova, Roma, &c.

The information published in this preliminary document was taken from official bulletins published by the war ministry, military annuaries and personnel lists published between 1865 and 1913. You will find the initials, name, timeframe and position of every single head technician (capotecnico) that worked at the following facilities:


  • Laboratorio Pirotecnico di Torino (1865-1876)
  • Laboratorio di Precisione in Torino (1874-1895)


  1. In 1877 the capotecnici of the Laboratorio Pirotecnico were transfered to the Laboratorio di Precisione (this facility was listed for the first time in 1870 and co-existed with the Laboratorio Pirotecnico during a few years).
  2. In 1896-1897 the capotecnici were transfered to the Fonderia di Torino (an historical facility established centuries before). In 1898 the latter was renamed Officina di Costruzioni d’Artiglieria di Torino.


  • Direzione di Bologna (1869-1879)
  • Laboratorio Pirotecnico di Bologna (1880-1913)


  • Direzione di Capua (1869-1879)
  • Laboratorio Pirotecnico di Capua (1880-1913)


  1. The “Direzione di Bologna” and “Direzione di Capua” continued to exist after 1879, but the capotecnici were transfered to the new cartridges factories established at each of these cities.
  2. There are no capotecnici listed for Bologna and Capua in 1865.

I prepared two different documents, one being an historical list of every single capotecnico, and the other is a list of initials found in actual headstamps and boxes. Also, you can download two versions of each, one sorted by date and the other sorted by alphabetical order.

Any corrections, additions or suggestions to improve these lists are most welcome.



Italian Capotecnici (1865-1913) V1.1 January 21, 2019:

Italian Capotecnici initials found in headstamps and boxes (1876-1965) V1.1 January 21, 2019:


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Fede - What can we say? This is a fantastic work, long overdue. Considering all circumstances those of us dealing with these initials on our cartridges were grateful for the earlier works, as incomplete as they were, by some of our Italian colleagues. This list and the methodology used to prepare it are beyond anything that could have been expected.

Tanti grazi, amico mio!

John Moss

Outstanding research. I could think of maybe 12 initials.

absolutely a great job, grazie Federico

Thanks a lot my friend
as always a work of the highest level !

Thank you - greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for the kind words!

@ron3350 Do you have information about 12 initials not in this list?



I tried to say that I had only heard of 12 initials from my collection.
I am sure they are all in your list.

Here is an improved version of “Italian Capotecnici (1865-1913) V1.1 January 21, 2019 (alphabetical).pdf”. Same information*, but now sorted by name and date to make search easier:

V1.2 January 22, 2019: Italian Capotecnici (1865-1913) V1.2 January 22, 2019 (alphabetical).pdf (129.7 KB)

*) Only a minor correction: “Gabrielle” instead of “Grabrielle”.


Fede - a tiny little correction. On page 5, you write “De Lorenzo Gabrielle” with double “l” and on page six you write the same name twice as “De Lorenzo Gabriele” with a single letter “l”.

I am not sure which is correct.

I assume you will carry on this Version 1.2 beyond 1913 (to 1965?)???

John M.

John, thanks for the correction! You are right, correct name for all three entries is “De Lorenzo Gabriele”.

My intention is to continue beyond 1913, but I don’t have much information at this moment. Also, there are several initials that can’t be identified with the current list, so I’ll try to work on that as well.



Latest versions of “Italian Capotecnici (1865-1913)”

V1.3 January 23, 2019: Italian Capotecnici (1865-1913) V1.3 January 23, 2019.pdf (149.2 KB)

V1.3 January 23, 2019 (alphabetical): Italian Capotecnici (1865-1913) V1.3 January 23, 2019 (alphabetical).pdf (151.0 KB)


Grande Fede !!

_emphasized text_Thank you for the great information that i have not been able to find anywhere else…
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