Italian Capotecnici Initials (1913-1943)

Just finished a new list of Italian capotecnici, this time about those in service between 1913 and 1943. My first intention was to update the former list (Italian Capotecnici Initials (1865-1913)), but decided to make a new one because the sources used are not as complete as the ones used for the earlier list. Also, during this timeframe there were many location changes and in several instances, although we do know there was a capotecnico in activity, we don’t know where he was located. For this reason, I decided to include personnel in activity not only in ammunition factories but in other related facilities as well.

This list suffers from the same flaws as first one; in some cases you will find useful information but in others you will note the identification of some initials can’t be confirmed. I hope to be able to update missing information in the future.

Under the “Facility” caption you will find dates between brackets. This means that in that year a capotecnico was assigned to that location.

You will also find an arrow (->) indicating an assignation change between two facilities. For example, “Direzione artiglieria Torino -> Direzione artiglieria Trieste (1925)” means that a capotecnico was previously in Torino and was assigned to Trieste in 1925.

Abbreviations: R. E. = Regio Esercito; C. A. = Corpo d’Armata.

Any questions, additions and corrections are most welcome.



Italian Capotecnici (1913-1943) V1.1 November 25, 2020 (alphabetical).pdf (194.6 KB)


Hello Fede.

What work! Thank you very much and CONGRATULATIONS

Jean Renard

Very nice Fede, THANKS

Fede, why did Italians put arsenal boss’ name on the headstamp? Nobody else did (as far as I know). I am not sure but I think Italian guns have NO factory supervisor’s name on them. What advantage does the personal name carry? Already there is an arsenal name (B,C etc) and year of production there. Having a month or year quater would carry more importance that person’s name.

Vlad, I’m not sure this is the arsenal’s boss or man in charge but rather the inspector / technical head of the arsenal, but you do raise a very interesting point.

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not my field,but as always great job of research,CONGRATULATIONS.