Italian dummy 7.9 x 57


Here’s a tinned dummy that I though was kind of interesting. It is tinned from top to bottom, has a hollow steel bullet, I assume a brass case, and I haven’t figured out if the primer is formed in place in the head or a separate piece. The headstamp is B P B 953. Please excuse the poor quality picture, but I lost my daylight and wanted top get this posted.


This is a very commonly encountered dummy round here in the U.S. I just got a bunch of them yesterday from my local gunshop - they gave them to me. I already had it in my collection, and have had lots of dupes. The “O” on the primer, although identical to the marking on the old RWS Sinoxid non-corrosive primers, has nothing to do with that marking, and simply indicates an inert primer. I am sure the primer is separate from the case. I have the same primer in a dummy AP round from BPD, with standard GMCS bullet, plain, unplated brass case, and green bullet tip. It is inert also, and was probably made for some sort of display, not as a true “drill” cartridge. Maybe tomorrow, I will rip apart of of these and look at the primer a little closer, but I am positive it is not part of the case.


Let me make sure I have this right, John… so here’s this dummy cartridge that I thought had to be a super rarity and was in such a hurry to show off here on the forum, and not only is it quite common, but your local gun shop is giving them away by the bucketful! Couldn’t you have broken it to me a little more gently???


There is NO crying in ammo collecting! Pull yourself together.


Guy, if it’s any consolation, I recently sent one of those to another collector far to the east who had never seen one. He was all excited.
So…you’re not alone.


I’m thinking these must be a West Coast thing. John must have meant to say they were a commonly encountered dummy round in the Western US, because this Easterner had never seen one before. I’ll probably start seeing them everywhere now - perhaps even pick one up in a tire on the way to work Monday.


I had never seen one! I knew his existence but nothing more.


Vittorio - do you go to the European Show in Holland? I could send one over for you, probably. I would mail it, but am afraid that the customs won’t recognize it as a dummy round.


Thanks John, dont worry for the dummy; I dont know if will be possible for me go to show in Holland, may be, but I hope that if you come in Europe you will come in Rome too!


Hi John,

I go to the European show, and I have one for Vittorio.
So, no problems with the customs. -:)



Vittorio - looks like the problem is solved by my good friend Willem (Dutch).
If you don’t go to the show, because of the EU, it may be easier for him to mail you this totally inert, dummy cartridge as well. If not, I am willing to try. I have about 100 of them. Aside from the ones given to me recently by our local gun shop, I just discovered this morning something I had forgotten, I have a full 50-round box of them in my box collection. I will post a picture of the box, through my friend Joe, soon on this thread. I hope you will go to the show. Aside from all the cartridges, if you have not been before, you meet some some good people. I wish I could go!


Guy, sorry, but I meant Eastern Europe. They ar epretty common on the US Eastcoast.

Vittorio, are you sure I didn’t send one of those to you? I am sorry if I did not mention that round before.


Full original box of nickeled 7.92 x 57 dummy rounds headstamped B.P.D. 53

  • J. Moss Collection -


These are fairly common around here as well (Vermont/New Hampshire). I bought one a few years ago at a local gun show for $1.00 IIRC and the guy had a bin full of them… Mine looks more chrome plated than tinned though.