Italian Experimental aluminium 9M34 9x17

Hi guys
New beautiful find !!!

Experimental alluminium case !!!
1975 from Italian Pirotecnico di Capua


Never see before.

I can see some people drooling now! :-)

I am one of the droolers. The only aluminum-case 9 mm Corto from Italy with which I was familiar was the one from Bologna, made in the 1930s. I have that one in my collection. This is an incredible find!

La ringrazia molta per le fotografie, Frasche.

John Moss


Here is a related article by Giovanni Defrancisci concerning pre-WW2 and early WW2 9 x 17mm Corto Italian aluminum cases:


thanks for posting that. I knew about the Fiocchi round, but have never actually seen one. I got it mixed up with the Bologna round when I mentioned, erroneously, that the Bologna round was made in the 1930s. As we all can see thanks to the article you supplied us, it was the Fiocchi round in the 1930s. My own specimen from Bologna is also dated “41.”

John Moss

Beautiful. Great find. I’ve always enjoyed seeing aluminum ammo.