Italian Infantry Brixia Mortar blank cartridge


On page 80 of C. Yust’s “Cartridge Collector’s Notebook” thers is some information about the Italian Infantry mortar, and a diagram of its blank cartridge, which looks similar to a 5.45 Soviet blank. However there is no diagrams of headstamps or dimensions for the cartridge. Does anyone have any more info or can post photos of an actual cartridge?


Falcon, The cartidge is generally referred to as the 8mm Brixia and is made from a reformed 6.5mm Carcano case shortened to a length of 41.5mm. It simply bears the headstamp of the cartridge from which it is formed. I can’t see the similarity between this and the 5.45mm blank but this cartridge is often mistaken for a 7.62 x 39mm blank.


Thanks. I thought it looked like a 5.45 Soviet blank in the drawing, as the drawing has no dimensions. Interesting round, how easy are these to get hold of? Will I be able to get one at Bisley?


this is the Brixia bomb and this cartridge. If you need one , i can send you one, fired and found with metaldetector

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Thanks, what is the headstamp on your fired round? Were these made from reject Carcano cases? I would regard the Brixia as more of a grenade launcher than a Mortar. What was the effective blast radius of its shells?


headstamp of the case are TM B-40