Italian Inspector S.A

A list of Italian inspectors posted here before lists S.A as "Unknown Bologna 1885-1899 ". However, I have a Carcano Magistri round headstamped “S.A C-53”. Is the name of the inspector with the initials “S.A” at Capua in 1953 known?

There were two inspectors whose initials were S A.Both names are still unknown to me

Does anyone have any more information on the inspector “S.A”?

Falcon - this is the first time I have ever said this on this Forum, as I usually take the approach that if we dig enough, we can find out what we want to know. However, I think on this one, you are beating a dead horse.

I have seen several lists of Italian Inspector’s initials (the one posted by Vittorio January 16, 2007, “7.35 Carcano headstamp question” is as good as any of them), and all have unknowns. I have tried to fill a few gaps on auto pistol for 25 years to no avail.

A friend in Italy told me that believe it or not, this information, even dating back before the year 1900, is still considered secret by the Italian Government, making it difficult to obtain any copies of documents that might contain identifications. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it is what I was told from an otherwise good source. I find it impossible to believe that in the case of ones fairly current that the information simply doesn’t exist, so his opinion about the Government’s position on the question seems credible.

Looks like I’ll just have to hope it is discovered one day. How come the names of some inspectors are known?

I don’t know why some are known and some aren’t. that simply happens in almost anything to do with ammunition. It could be that some old employee of a firm known by a cartridge collector or arms student remember a name, or that it appeared in some document that escaped the censor, etc. Lots of ways it could happen. But sometimes it is simply difficult to find out things we would like to know. Look at how few of the Soviet-style headstamp codes could be tied to any given factory until conditions thawed out a bit between east and west. It is still hard to find out which numbers represent which factories on Chinese military goods. Its up to you young guys to make this a life-time study, like some of us already have, and hope that the world becomes a less bellicose and secretive place in the future. Perhaps if that ever happens, many questions will be answered.

I suppose that could be an explanation.

As for “young guys”, I often feel that, in 50 years time, if I am indeed still alive and into cartridges, I will be the only collector left, or perhaps one of a single figure number. I have never met or even heard of another collector from my generation.

It would be interesting to know, are there any other IAA members in my age bracket? (Under 21)

A.A Aldo Adamo Pirotecnico di Capua From 1936 to 1940
A.C Unknown Pirotecnico di Bologna after 1890
A.S Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1959
B.P Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1942 to 1963
B.P Boschesi Pietro Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1899 to 1918
C.A Alfredo Cavallo Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1939 to 1942
C.A Alfredo Cavalli Pirotecnico di Capua From 1939 to 1942
C.R Unknown Pirotecnico di capua From 1889
DCE Unknown (perhaps: Direzione Centrale Esercito) Pirotecnico di Capua From 1953 to 1955
E.S Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1899 to 1911
F.O Unknown Pirotecnico di Torino From 1888
F.P Unknown Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1902 to 1928
F.P Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1910
G.D Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1882 to 1892
L.N Nicola Leggiadore Pirotecnico di Capua From 1914 to 1935
P.S Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1894
P.V Vincenzo Pascarello Pirotecnico di Capua From 1943 to 1946
R.M Mario Rubino Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1914 to 1944
S.A Unknown Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1885 to 1899
S.A Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1951 to 1957
S B Santoro Bernardo Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1916 to 1918
S.G Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1952 to 1962
S.L Scotti Luigi Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1890 to 1900
T.M Unknown Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1935 to 1939
T.R Unknown Pirotecnico di Bologna From 1915 to 1943
T.R Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1911 to 1913
V.S Unknown Pirotecnico di Capua From 1892
Z.G Gaetano Zangari Pirotecnico di Capua From 1935 to 1936