Italian Inspector's Initials

Does anyone have primary sources identifying the inspector initials found in Italian headstamps?

I’m trying to identify many of the unknown inspector initials found in Italian cartridges, boxes, &c., but I want to use first hand documentation and not lists already published.

Thanks in advance.



Hola, Fede,
The only original Lists of Ispettori is held in the Italian Army Archives, and are still consider “classified” even though all have now passed to the big Cartucheria above.
Several Italian books have partial listings, based on the known Inspectors connected with the govt ammo factories for other reasons…ie, official notifications of appointments and transfers.
But about 30% of inspectors initials are still unknown; add to that the Italian legal habit of putting Surname first, followed by Given name.

Saludos y Prospero ano Neuvo
Doc AV.

Doc AV, having an official list with all initials explained would be great, but I don’t expect to find such a document. We are talking about three different factories during more than 80 years of production, and only if we take into account small arms cartridges headstamps.

You mention that 30% of inspectors initials are still unknown, but in fact, from around three dozen different initials found in pistol and rifle cartridges headstamps, only 10 are identified in the latest list I have seen.

I think that I have identified 13 more, but I wish to compare this information with what others have found. Also, it seems that there are mistakes in the partial listings published so far, and that’s why I need to know the source of this information.



Fede, will continue my research when I go to Italy again this July-August. In the meantime I will collate all my sources and also contact the Defence Archives for a possible research visit.

Doc AV

Doc AV, thanks for the help.