Italian intermediate power cartridge, 1921?

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On the Italian experimental cartridges do not know almost nothing for sure and frequently confusion and legends are born.
I have drawn the following table to better explain what is known to me

In columns A, B and C describes the data of the three original drawings relating to the “Progetto di cartuccia e canna per moschetto automatico da fanteria” (Type Terni Model 1921) which took place between early March and mid-May 1920 and that born from need to carry more ammunition as possible with the same weight, the samples were initially produced the model A of about 200, had it not been satisfactory were constructed models B and C. To date we do not know the actual consistency of the lots produced and if all three were produced

In column D I shows the data of the specimen (which is located in Italy) equal to that in the possession of Mr. Woodin but devoid of primer. In my opinion this prototype refers to a study called for a rifle MTB Brixia mod.98 whose designs date back to 1928 as the cartridge

In column E I reported the data instead of the specimen, which, in my view, it was probably the last study for a shorter cartridge and instead led to the [b]7.35 Carcano


It is therefore of three distinct projects with about 7 years interval from each other and not of the same cartridge and project

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what a great contribution. Thank you very much for this post of hard data and rare photograps.

Yes indeed - fascinating information Giovanni!

Do you have muzzle velocity data for these?

Giovanni, thanks a lot for sharing this comparison table. As a minor correction/addition to this information, base diameter of cartridge “D” is incorrect as should be 11.30 mm and bullet lenght of same is 26.66 mm. Regards, Fede

Directly from my collection, currently only known piece, found near Pirotecnico di Bologna few years ago, Caliber 7.35 x 41.
If you know other examples or documents you can contact me about it on the forum CeSIM.