Italian police photo question

This picture is taken out of Yahoo news. It says:
Policemen inspect guns seized during a crackdown on the Camorra mafia in Caserta, southern Italy.
There is an upright item on the table resembling a wasted cartridge. What is it?

Probably a 25mm or 30mm cannon casing, either painted black, or originally in that color? Why any criminal would have such a thing is hard to explain.

A more likely explanation would be a suppressor for one of the displayed firearms, probably the 1911-style pistol with an extended barrel.

Yes, that is a suppressor/silencer.

Something about the lighter coloured Kalashnikov type rifle just doesnt “look right”, is it a civilian sporting version?

Am I the only one interested in the wig?!?!

don’t think that’s a AK

Hmmmm. I thought is was a wombat.


I tried to blow up the picture on this thread, but the resolution just got so bad as it started to be big enough that you could see anything, that it was to no avail. My first take on that black thing that looks like a cartridge was that it was actually a silencer tube, perhaps for the Colt-looking auto with the barrel sticking out the front. I wanted to see the shape more clearly, and also see if I could see threads on the muzzle of that pistol. Silencers often have a reduced diameter at the rear, where they screw on or otherwise lock onto a barrel, and the other end often has a knurled-edge, screw-in cap for replacing the baffles in the larger diameter part of the tube - a cap that could be mistaken in a poor picture for a cartridge rim. However, I could not get a clear enough picture of it to confirm my suspicsions about it. It could just as easily be an empty cartridge case, but that seems like something they wouldn’t bother to put in a picture like this.

I agree that at least one of thse “AKs” is not a true AK. I was thinking the Czech version, but it doesn’t look like that in the picture. The other one appears to have a folding spike bayonet, like some Chicom AKs, but the bayonet looks way too long to me. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with those, though.

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The lighter colored ‘AK’ is a Czech VZ58 with the stock removed. The other is some kind of Chicom AK with the stock removed also. The shotgun is a run of the mill Mossberg 500 series.

I have seen the same picture on an italian newspaper.It is a noise suppressor.
There was also a list of the stuff in that article

Pivi - thank you. My record of being correct hasn’t been that good lately! I thought it might be. Unfortunately, I could clarify the cartridge well enough to get a really good look at it with my old eyes.