Italian THV experimentals


I was looking again at a link about some Italian THV stuff, and maybe the photos have updated, or maybe I just don’t remember, but suddenly it looks like a new pistol AP cartridge I’ve not seen before at this link: In the very top photo it shows from L to R: a Geco metal piercing 357, a Winchester metal piercing 357, but then something I’ve not seen before which I can only compare to a cartridge that I nickname the “LM94” which is a 9mm cartridge that Lew showed me. The LM 94 is the headstamp on an experimental 9mm from Cartucherie du Mans which has a solid brass projectile which houses a pointed, titanium core that is exposed at the tip. Anybody know what this 357 is (third from left)?

Or is it just an Arcane with a silver-painted tip?

The link also shows some interesting nylon sabot projectiles which aren’t really THV, but are apparently derived from it somehow (I can’t read the Italian).


Dk , I know the guy that write the article .Those are HOMEMADE copies of the THV bullets ( the teflon coated 357 is homemade too) .He used a lathe .I know some other guys that have done the same thing

and yes , the third from left is an arcane as written in the text


Ok, thanks. I guess somebody thought it neat to paint a silver tip for whatever reason



I’ve seen some of those “garage” bullets and I don’t think they are painted. They are two piece - a brass bullet with a stainless or aluminum tip. They make for a good show (and story).