ITAR Questions

I have had requests to ship machine gun links to UK, EU and Canadian collectors. I am aware of ITAR regulations, and went to the internet to research them. Everything that I found was virtually opaque to me and I can usually read technical literature just fine.


Is there a good website for ITAR information?

Is there a State Department webpage where I can make a review request (short of an official permit to export if one is required)?

Has anyone shipped (or received) machine gun links from overseas in the past year or so? What hoops have to be jumped through?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You
Curtis F. Laws

If you are going fully into this also check E.A.R. (Export Administration Regulations) which will lead you back to ITAR. … ations-ear
Have a read here;
Look at 121.1 category III subsection (b) (page 478).

I hope this helps but it is all heavy reading, in fact you could say a bit of a mine field (pun intended) good luck.

P.S. I have assumed you are US based.