Items needed for Georgia Tech Research Institute testing


Below is a list of items needed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute
for testing, please call Brandon Vaughan @ 404-407-6134 if you can help,
Thank you,
Dave Call

I need a source for ammo. I have provided a list below of what we need with the sub-types listed in order of decreasing priority. Our highest priority right now is tracer ammunition for all calibers. We are only interested in ammo of foreign origin. If you can source the same round from multiple countries of origin we are interested in all sources. Please provide minimum order size and lead time for any ammo you can source from the list below.


Brandon Vaughan

Georgia Tech Research Institute


looking for 4 or 5 each item

5.45 x 39 – Tracer

7.62 x 39 – Tracer

7.62 x 54 - Tracer

12.7 x 108 – API-T, HEI, API

14.5 x 114 – API-T, HEI, API

23 x 152 – API-T, HEI-T, API, HEI

30 x 165 – AP-T, HEI-T, HEI

35 x 228 – HEI-T, HEI

40 x 365 – HE-T, APC-T, HE

C-5 – C-5KO, KP

RPG – RPG 22, RPG 26, RPG 29