Ithaca Gun co. solid copper pistol bullets

Today I came across a link to a video from ithaca Gun Company featuring a couple of new pistol projectile designs they will be offering for 2015. The 2 bullets are in .45acp for now, with plans for 9mm as well. There are two types, the “I.F.P.” (Ithaca Fragmenting Projectile), or the “I.E.P.” (Ithaca Expanding Projectile). They basically seem to be another in the recent & expanding line of solid copper hollow points made on computer-controlled high-speed lathes which are designed to fragment or expand much the same as those from Lehigh Defense, Cutting Edge ammo, G2 (R.I.P.), and Grizzly Cartridge (Xtreme).

These two particular types seem to be very close to the same style & function as the Lehigh Defense “Maximum Expansion”, and “Controlled Fracturing” projectiles. I called Ithaca today to order some, and was told they only have .45 projectiles at the moment, and that 9mm will come soon. They plan on only selling the projectiles, and not loaded ammo. SHOT show 2015 will be the official debut with sales coming later in February from their website direct, and then possibly branching out from other online retailers, and likely an inevitable smaller manufacturer will pick them up to load for live ammo sale in a few calibers.

There are no photos yet, just the below video link. When I receive the projectiles I will post more. You can only purchase them direct from Ithaca for now, and bullets are $2.00 a piece (they come bagged), which is relatively high as compared to Cutting Edge, Grizzly, or Lehigh packaged & loaded cartridges with similar bullets that sell for around $2.00 per loaded rd.

I received my order of IEP and IFP solid copper .45 caliber projectiles from Ithaca. Packaged in sticker-labeled 20rd plastic zip-lock packs. They appear to be the same exact bullet, except that the fragmenting projectile has additional small notches cut horizontally between & below the vertical notches, which allows them to break off when they fold back I suppose.


I was just updating this thread because, like so many of the older forum threads, the photos were dead from Photobucket. I have noticed that just editing a thread will send it to the top of the list, even though no new text was added.

This project from Ithaca anyway, is dead. It never really got off the ground, and there were too many other better established competitors in the field already when Ithaca dabbled with this.

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