Its a long shot but this is the only place I know to ask

Gentlemen, I have a package of ball ammunition bought already in Sweden. Weight is about 4 kilos. Is anyone here flying from Sweden to Slics this year?

If anyone could help me get this package to the US that would be amazing. I would pay you for your efforts. Thank you for any help.


You will run into at least two issues:

  1. A European coming in this year will not have time to submit the Form 6 or get it approved in time for the show. You might be able to find someone at this year’s show and plan for next year.
  2. The allowed weight limit for ammo is 5 kilos and most attendees pack right up to that limit. Getting someone to carry 4 kilos for you might be very difficult.

Just some thoughts…best of luck.

I have no idea of costs or procedures, but, you might consider an import/export company?

Thank you for the idea! I have an importer I’ve done business with in the past, that might just be the ticket. Thank you sir.

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You are most certainly welcome! Good luck!