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I hope this isn’t too out of place here, but I thought Ray and others who are or have been reloaders might find it interesting. While it isn’t quite as exciting as finding a WRACo LUGAR headstamp in a cigar box full of old ammo, I thought it a little surprising that the mold that made the lower lead ingot would have gotten past the inspectors. Must have been made on a Monday.


Old Guy

I believe the bottom ingot mold was made for sales in the red-neck States. :) :)



Perhaps you might be able to tell me at what point heading west the red-neck states end? As I vaguely recall, its at the border between Arizona and California.


Well, Ray, we had some of these go thru our store - the ones with the backwards “N” in “LYMAN,” in San Francisco, California. So, it looks like it was for Yuppie states, too.

Not out of place here at all, by the way, in my opinion. It relates to bullet casting and that is certainly an ammunition topic, although one not normally associated with collecting as a basic topic. anomolies like this are certainly collectable, and today, if I had one of those ingot molds, I would clean it up and put it in my own “odds and ends relating to ammo” collection. I never got one, because I have never cast bullets.


Old Guy

As I vaguely recall, its at the border between Arizona and California.

You could be right. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with that mold. Maybe Slick Rick can clarify this for us. ;) ;)




I don’t have any cast ingots but I looked in my mold and EVERY ONE of the letters is backwards! How much is that worth???



I have the mold somewhere around here - got it 6 or 7 years ago along with about 2.5 tons of lead from the estate of a serious reloader.

You goober! I’d suggest you take John’s suggestion and clean your all backwards letter mold up and put in a prominent place in your collection. Its surely a keeper.


Reminds me of the Granby Motel in CT… On one side of the sign the N was backwards… and that’s NOT a redneck state!!