I've found these in the dunes in the Netherlands

The VII on the .303" British cases (7.7 x 56R) refers to Ball Mark VII loading. The post war Dutch forces also used .303" weapons.


The R/|\L marking is the maker’s mark of the Royal Laboratories at Woolwich, London.

These are ball rounds made in 1944. The four digit date indicates that they were made to tighter specifications for aircraft use. However, this doesn’t mean that they were actually fired from aircraft.

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If you are really interested in cartridges, I suggest you try to get the book “patronen” written by dhr J.Lenselink & HE Wanting. This book (in dutch) gives information about collecting cartridges, with info about varies types, and drawings of the more common cases. The book is out of print, but is probably available at webshops like “bol.com tweedehands boeken”.

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ps. don’t pay to much, take your time and find a cheap one…