I've lost all of my files... %*&$#@*

My PC has taken a fatal dump and I can use your help.
Does anyone have either a copy of an original e-mail or a file they are willing and able to share of Ron Fuchs’s .223 list dated 3rd Quarter 2012. The Skydrive program that Ron listed on the Forum in September of 2012 appears to be no longer available.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Frank - wish I could help. I never saved it or even printed it out because of its length. This is why I always print out stuff I want to keep, especially if of special interest to me. I know all about “back up” and that stuff, but what good is back up if your computer takes a total dump and you don’t have the funds to quickly replace it?

There is still something to be said for a print library. I know I am a minority of one left on planet earth that thinks so, but that’s where I stand.

Send me an email.

Joe Adashunas

Hi Frank I also have it but it’s 242 MB, so too big to e-mail unless in bits & pieces.
You going to SLICS I’ll burn it to a CD for you.

I mailed Frank a copy.

I have them all zipped if you want a copy emailed…send me your email address…I could also send via peer to peer server.

I wish to just give a word of thanks for the offers of assistance that I have had regarding the lose on my files.
I’ve learned a hard lesson and that is to make sure your info is properly back-up not just on a file on your computer but also on a separate location such as disc of thumb drive.
Thank you again for your help.

If only the boot sector of the hard drive has failed, you can still recover the remaining data from the drive. Just acquire a drive enclosure or docking station that fits your old hard drive. You can then hook it up via a USB cord to your repaired computer or its replacement.