Ivi .40 s&w?


Just found a few .40 S&W cases headstamped “IVI .40 S&W NT”. I thought IVI closed down… Is it operational or was this ammunition made on contract by someone else (ie. Winchester or Federal, both makers of NT .40 S&W ammunition) to be sold under the IVI brand? Cases were found on a public range in Vermont, USA…



Apparently some of that stuff has been around, as this seller used to have some brass, but is now out of stock:

IVI was absorbed by SNC (SENTEC) and so that brass is just old brass I assume, that has been around for years.


I’ve had two examples/types of the IVI 40 S&W NT cases for about 4 years. Both have been Ultramax remanufactured, which in my experience adds at least 3 more years to their age. One type is like the picture with I’s sans serif, the other type has I’s with serifs (small cross bars at top and bottom). The one with serifs also has a deburred flash hole, an indication it was made by Starline.


Excellent information. Thank you!