IWK 6,5x43mm Experimental


Does anybody have data/information about the 6,5x43mm Experimental Cartridge developed by IWK (IndustrieWerkeKarlsruhe) in Germany in 1962. It was a contract commisioned by the German Army/Ministry of Defence.


Military cartridges are not my speciality but I can add a bit of info (or should I say a bit of lack of info !).

Post WW2 cases with an IWK headstamp generally have DWM case numbers. There does not seem to be such a number for this 6.5x43 of 1962 vintage. 1962 cases should be in the range of #617-624 which are all allocated in the DWM case book. FYI The similar 7.62x40 with “IWK 7.62x40 62” headstamp was allocated case #618.

Maybe it was a subnumber (eg a, b c1 etc) which were quite often used by DWM. This may possibly even use case #618a (as they were likely a related development) but no such sub-numbers were shown for this range of numbers in the DWM case book.

Another DWM mystery ?


According to “Labbett”, both the 6.5x43 and 7.62x40 IWK experimentals were produced for ballistic testing using test barrels, and no rifles were chambered for the rounds. There is also a 4.0x37 IWK with a 1972 date.


Box label photo from the internet.


WBD, is there a DWM case number listing or catalog you are referring to?


EOD, there are many copies of the DWM (Lorenz) case numbers. Mine is the expanded version of the one from European Sporting cartridges and I don’t know of a better one. It has corrections that are not shown in any DWM list that I know. Most DWM lists are just amalgamations of other lists, many don’t have the post WW2 additions and aren’t the result of any genuine research. I believe that Fede has a similar list.

The DWM numbers are also shown in the DWM Case book copies of which are obtainable from GIG Pubs.