IWW museum - Timau, Udine -Italy

Small museum with relics of IWW found on the battlefields near the town. Some interesting pieces, but also several ( big) mistakes on labels.

Good stuff:

6.5 Carcano machinegun blanks

What is this kind of rocket?

Now some horror pics

Artillery primers labeled as Werndls rifle cases

Italian 8 x 50R ammo made in the '30 and a 8 x 59 Breda in the same group of cartridges from the Lybian war (1911)

45 ACP cases assembled with Vetterli bullets

Funniest thing ever seen in a museum. The label said “Mauser rifle magazine ( German)”
French clip and 2 8 x 50R Austrian cartridges on the clip sides!

Great pics, Pivi! Thanks!


Great big “bullet” next to the girl!!! Wish I had one.


The bullet or the girl?? Don’t answer that! There is no correct answer.


Great photos. Museum collections are always interesting, for a variety of reasons. They are like trying to find errors in movies and television.


that’s an austrian 350 mm ( the bullet). There was a guy in my town that made replicas of these shells using concrete and self made molds.

They are so well made that they hard to tell from a real one at short distance. One of this replicas is fixed on his house gate…

Pivi, interesting pictures, thanks for sharing. I wonder about the headstamps of those 9.5x60R Turkish Mauser cases.

Fede, here’s a pic of 11mm Gras and 9.5 mm Turkish cases in the museum. I think that all the 9.5 mm cases bear the same hds.
Should be made by DWM for the Turkish government

Pivi, thank you very much for this picture.

Nice Photos, PIVI, but as you said, a lot of labelling Mistakes.

“6,5 Cartridge Training” : Looks like a 7,62 Nato extended profile Blank with 3 or 4 petal crimp.

Some of the cartridges are WW II, not WW I (ie, the 8x59Breda from “Libia”;(WW II) the Gras and the 9,5 Turkish M87 Mauser cases are correct for the 1911 Italo-Turkish war.)

AS to the other Mistakes, I can’t comment…the .45ACP is probably WW II, but US units did fight in the Isonzo area in mid to late 1918, as did some British units ( After the debacle at Caporetto, in 1917).

“British Clip”…it looks like a French 7,62 M49 (Ordinaire), or Aka .30 cal US clip (1949-1960 era).

The best thing to do is to approach the Museum curators, with some Books as reference, and ask (in modo simpatico) if you could help them rectify some " Mislabelling".

There is nothing which degrades a Museum like Incorrect Labelling…and even supplying Correct examples to replace the Mis-identified ones would surely be appreciated.

Doc AV
Ballisticus Pedemontanus
ex Gallia Cis Padana.

Doc, I can confrim that those were really 6.5 carcano blanks. That’s a pretty rare variation, a machine gun blank used during IWW

Many friends said that they found several mistakes on labels describing militaria stuff or artillery shells, but the musesum CEO thinks that every label is perfectly correct and doesn’t like people that comment about that!

As we say in Gallia Cis Padana

“non vuole che nessuno gli rompa le p####”

Dear Pivi.
“magari un calcio nel culo gli drizza le idee!!!”