J. B. Wise Company cartridge packaging

I suspect the answer will be dead silence or no, but does anyone have a sample of cartridge box or other packaging for any of the WISE-headstamped cartridges: .30-06, 7 x 57 mm, 7.62 x 54R and .30-30 Winchester? If so, I badly need a picture of it and permission to use said picture in an IAA Article.

John, I’ve never seen a package of a Wise cartridge and the only reference of the existence of one I’m aware is a brief comment made by John Hintlian in “The Cartridge Trader” issue 7 of February 1957, where he said to have “a box top indicating manufacture of sporting ammo”. I don’t know the whereabouts of this “box top” mentioned more than 50 years ago but at least is a hint.

My friend, you couldn’t find a more brief and obscure company, doesn’t you?



Fede - well, actually the article will deal with the connections between J. B. Wise Co., Maxim Munitions Corporation and the U.S.C.Co. I was handed this project because of my research into the 9 mm Glisenti cartridge and the discovery that U.S.C.Co. had actually made most or perhaps even all of the MAXIM Glisenti rounds for Italy. I found that out through clues and follow up research on those clues, independently. I say “independently” because I don’t claim that no one knew this until my “discovery,” but it was NOT well known, and I didn’t know it at all until my own research.

It is a difficult article for me since the general subject is not too much in my own interests, but I was supplied with a tremendous amount of material by two others who did a lot of research into the company in advance of asking me to write the article. I was very slow to get started on the actual writing due to conditions beyond my control, but I am actually writing it now and hope to be through with it by the middle of February. How much interest it will be to the membership, I just don’t know. I will say this - there aren’t too many ammunition companies like Wise and Maxim about which so little seems to be generally known among our hobby.

Never seen any either.
With the many lots of 21 grain primers (mine go from “1718-1” to “1718-100”) that they made you’d think perhaps some of that packaging might still exist.