J.E.Klein 31 Ellis ST.S.F

I came across a thin metal/sheet metal 2 piece 20 round box with the following stamped into the metal.
This is stamped on front and back of box.
J.E.KLEIN is stamped on top of box
81 stamped on one end of bottom portion of box.
The metal 2 piece box has a cardboard divider for 20 rounds and the box had 18 45-85 Sharpshooter cartridges headstamped R F 4 81 and 2 rounds 45-85 sharpshooter cartridges headstamped R F 6 83. All 20 cartridges are in excellent condition.
I can only find 5 references to J.E. Klein, all from Google book search.

  1. 9-25-1884 J.E. Klein Lt. 1st. Inf. National Guard of California. Will compete on team for Pacific Scope Trophy at Carson City. From the Senate and Assembly Journal State of California 26th session 1885
  2. March 28th 1886? J.E. Klein competed at Shell Mound (SF bay area)from Outing magazine April 1886- Sept. 1886
  3. Shell Mound Park - California Rifle Ass. Lt. Klein and J.E. Klein both listed as competing. From Library of Harvard Unions 1884-1885
  4. One line excerpt from 8-24-1884. J.E> Klein 95 out of 100 at 200 and 500 yards.
  5. 1915 The Story of the Exposition of the International Celebration held at San Francisco in 1915 to commemorate the discovery of the pacific ocean and the construction of the Panama Canal.
    I lists J.E. Klein as wining a Festival Goblet at eh International Shooting Festival held in conjunction with the Exposition.and the San Fransisco Shooting Festival Association.
    Has anyone every seen a box like this?
    Does anyone know anything about J.E. Klein and the target shooting circuit in the 1880- 1920 period on the west coast.
    Bob Ruebel

I’m sorry that I cannot provide any info on the metal cartridge box or J.E.Klien, but I may be able to share some other insight as too your Google search. On your list of items #'s 2 & 3 mention Shell Mound or Shell Mound Park. Since this is in my back yard and that I worked in the area years ago, this may answer a couple of your questions.

Shell Mound Park, was located in the City of Emeryville, Ca, on the east shore of San Franciso Bay. It got it’s name from the large native Americanshell middens or mounds in the area. These were basically trash heaps that consisted mostly of empty shellfish remains and other food wastes. The largest of these was reportedly to be 60 ft. high and about 350 ft. in dia.

From the 1870’s too the early 1920’s, Shellmound Park was a large public amusement complex, with a couple of race tracks, dance hall, carousel and shooting ranges.

In the 1920’s this was all torn down and a steel mill and fabrication shops was built on the site. I worked in these shops starting in the mid 1960’s.

As an apprentice, I worked for an older German man who told me of his father competing in Schuetzen Rifle Matches at Shellmound Park, at the turn of the century. On a visit to his home I had a chance to see his fathers rifle, a true work of art in a case with all of the accessories. Looking back I wish I had paid more attention.

A little googling suggests he was John E. Klein and eventually became at least a captain in the National Guard. He also belonged to a shooting club named Germania. With access to California genealogical research materials a good bit should be available on him. JG