"J" Headstamp 22 Tool Blank

Here is a gray tip 22 Tool Blank with a “J” ? headstamp It has an 8 star crimp and is 0.604" long. Any idea who manufactured it?

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Well, I can tell you that the nail gun blanks sell for $6~14 per 100, and the DeWalt brand I used did not have a headstamp…
I have seen a Ramset branded box with what I think I remember was a Winchester Super-X headstamp. Duo-Fast is also Super-X.
If my colour blindness reads your picture correctly, Red will develop about 675 fps/206 mps velocity, or, Purple will be 755 fps/230 mps.

Here is an old post from IAA, but the picture does not load:

RF tool & slaughterhouse blanks - ex ref matl!

Hi Paul,

It was made in China for Jamerco, Inc., California. I don’t know who is the manufacturer.



Fede, thanks for the lead on these!
I can not find a website of Jamerco. Do you happen to have a link?

I would be looking for their logo with the Indian head.

Source internet.

Their website was www.jamerco.com but is not longer active.

Here is the trademark used since 1986:

Fede, this is great, right what I was after! Thanks a lot!

Guys, thank for the info.