J.RIGBY case


Received a few of the following empty cases.
Case are boxer primed.
Case length: 2.58
Rim Diam: 0.59
Base Diam: 0.5
Neck Diam: 0.47

Any information is welcome.


Thats a tricky one. You have to remember that people like Rigby were outfitters as well as gunmakers so they sold all sorts of ammunition in calibres that wouldn’t necessary be automatically be associated with them today.

Because of the extent of the British Empire at that time. US calibres would appear in Canada and to a lesser extent in Australia.

I don’t know. its a bit short to be one of the 500/.450 varients but just because it has the Rigby name on it don’t automatically assume that it is a Rigby calibre or even “British” in the normally accepted meaning of the term.


Maybe .450 Fraser 2.6 Match ?


I received the information that these cases came out of
a cased Rigby and Banks match rifle. So the case must be from around 1883.