Jack Wells collection

I am selling Jack’s collection for his widow Kitty. This post is intended as a preliminary heads up and a request for advice, particularly if you were one of Jack’s friends and have knowledge of his collection. I have neither the time nor the resources to catalog everything and attempt a large number of individual sales or auction lots. I am leaning toward selling the collection in one lot, or in several topical groups which have emerged from sorting the large mess I received. These might include:

  1. 7.62x39 singles collection. This, of course, is the most important element, as we know that Jack was a major 7.62x39 collector. This lot will include everything that he left behind in his master type collection, which was in numbered cartridge storage boxes. I have removed nothing.
  2. 7.62x39 duplicates and stock. This would include a substantial collection marked “duplicates,” also Jack’s show stock, mostly multiples in labelled bags with prices, as well as numerous loose duplicates that I have sorted and bagged, also an array of boxes and wrappers both military and civilian, some sealed but others missing some rounds removed as singles. Also 7.92x39 stripper clips - Jack was clearly collecting these, and this group includes many different examples, as well as a bunch of loose duplicates that I threw in.
  3. 7.92 Mauser singles collection. It appears that Jack had begun collecting 7.92 military, and there is a modest collection, mostly Third Reich and Warsaw Pact.
  4. 7.62x54 singles collection. Less ambitious than the 7.62x39 collection but still a substantial collection.
  5. Garand clips - a labelled collection of many different examples.
  6. Dummy cartridges – a very diverse array of (mostly) military, metal and plastic dummy cartridges, also some other misc. cartridges such as wood and plastic bullet blanks, snap caps, etc.
  7. Oilers! At some point Jack seems to have decided he liked military small arms oil bottles and he formed a serious collection of them, almost all USSR, Warsaw Pact, PRC as near as I can tell. Lots of original communist oil still present.
    There is other material, but not enough of any one thing to pile together and characterize. Much to my own disappointment, Jack had long since sold off his Civil War small arms ammunition and his epic collection of heavy Civil War projectiles and fuses.
    I knew Jack when he was still active duty at Fort Bragg, in the mid-late 70s, when he was one of the leading players in Civil War ordnance. He was a friend and mentor to a dumbass college kid who wanted to collect artillery shells. I wish we had stayed in touch over the years.
    I would like to handle this with regular email, and I can be reached at JBL857@aol.com. In terms of shipping/delivery/meeting, I am located in Columbia, South Carolina.
    Fortyrounds (James Legg)
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hi I sent you an email and no answer did you get it.?
my email is paveljanous@email.cz please send me your list.

Thanks to everyone who communicated. The response has been very heavy, and I think I now have the necessary contacts to take care of things. If not I will be back with some specific offers. If I have not yet replied to you individually I will do so soon. There never was a list, for those of you requesting a catalog.

Jack’s large collection of sectioned cartridges has not appeared, and Kitty Wells has no knowledge of it. Does anyone know if Jack may have sold that material? Also, I have not seen much in the way of research and documentation, and we know Jack would have had a serious accumulation of information.

Happy New year!