Jacketed RN projectile on a 6.5mm Swedish Mauser


I have a Swedish Mauser made by Norma in 2001 and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me about the projectile (FMJ). I’ve not seen one like this in person, only in my search of the web and that was just a picture and no description.

I thought it might be a gallery round but it is longer than those that I have seen?


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Thank you

have you checked it with a magnet?

Hi! I’ll say it is not the m/44 training projectile you have. I am uncertain of the year of the case, but it is not military with this bottom stamp. I do not know what it is yet, but I would say it is not a case closed yet.


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Hi Pete - Using my autobody ‘spot rot’ damage gauge, the magnet releases half way along the scale (5). My .303 AP projectiles release in the 8 - 9 range. So I’d say its attraction is moderate.

Thanks Chris - I’ll have to did deeper I guess. Please let me know if you find anything.

Typically projectiles like these (shorter than usual, light round nose bullets) work wonders for “toppjakt” (“top hunting”) of capercaillie and black grouse, popular in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Might be a cartridge marketed as such…?


It is a 5.2 g (80 gr) bullet having Norma index number 66522. Cartridges loaded with the same were offered in the “Jaktmatch” low cost training line with index number 16528.



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When did Norma stop stamping primers NP?
Somewhere in the 60’s?

From Norma c. 1981-82 catalog:

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Thank you Fede.