JAG 7.62x39 headstamp brass

anyone know who made JAG 7.62x39 head stamped brass? it is showing up on Ebay as dummies or snap caps.

Jagemann Brass

Russ - The JAG headstamp is a product, as Bdgreen said, of the Jagemann Sporting Group, 5797 W. Custer Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220. The ID as being of Italian manufacture is incorrect.

The real question is, who made their 7.62 x 39 brass into dummies and snap caps? To my knowledge, Jagemann only makes NUPE cases.

John Moss

does jagemann make the brass or is it made for them? if made for them- who makes it for them?
the dummies or snap caps are being made by the seller on ebay.

Jagemann is the brass maker. To my knowledge, they do not make loaded ammunition. They are basically a metal-forming company, with an additional factory in Tennessee for plastics working.

You find many brands of loaded ammunition with JAG headstamps, since they buy their brass from Jagemann.

John Moss

I have deleted my post where I used the words; “that’s my best guess.”

I believe that I made no reference, or inference, to an ID (identification).

If, “that’s my best guess,” becomes synonymous with; “ID,” then we are going linguistically downhill.

Hi Russ, here is the Jagemann 7.62x39 datasheet:

7.62-x-39-Jag-sportingGroup.pdf (3.3 MB)



Sam3 - there was no intent to offend you, which I seem to have done, and apologize for that. I was simply indicating that the guess that an Italian firm was involved was incorrect. No linguistics problem there. When guesses, or even researched answers are proved incorrect, it must be mentioned or it muddies the waters for the person asking the question. Having been incorrect many times myself, either thru guessing or incorrect interpretation of material I have at hand, perhaps I am over-sensitive to that.