Jamaican Warheads or MSM Should Learn Ammunition Terminology

This is a correction to a story originally published 29 NOV 2013:

“Jamaican authorities seize 3,300 ‘warheads’ aboard ship.”

I probably have that many “warheads” stashed in coffee cans out in the garage. I wonder if I could get in trouble for the 880 Russian “Ballistic Missiles” (7.62x54R) that I just ordered. I am just glad that I don’t live in Jamaica! I hope the NSA doesn’t take this the wrong way…


I checked out the Al Jazeera version of the story on the advice of one of the commenters. It is pretty good.


Here is one of the comments from the ABC article:

And it makes perfect sense that they are seeking assistance from “international agencies” after finding the materials to make 33 boxes of 9mm ammunition along with a reloader that can be purchased from virtually any sporting goods store in the US…

I used to shoot 33 boxes of .45 (that would be 1650 rounds if 50-round boxes) about every month and a half when I was NRA-Style target pistol shooting. Wow - what an arsenal. I’ll bet that quantity would scare the heck out of China’s multi-million man Army! :-) When I went to recreational shooting with a 9mm, I only shot about 300 rounds a month. We had shooters at our club that shot ten times as much as I did!

Do they still have the notorious kangaroo “Gun Courts” in Jamaica? That’s one (of several) reasons that i vowed to never even consider taking a vacation there.

Dennis - some years ago a friend of mine (actually, my boss at work) took a vacation trip to Jamaica. He was booked for a couple of weeks. He stayed one and a half days, paid extra to the airline for the short stay, and came home. Probably enough said. As far as I know, they still do have their gun courts, where you are guilty until proven innocent, and from what I hear, guilty even if you are proven innocent.