Jamison Brass and Ammunition Co equipment

Below a link to the equipment now at auction. You will likely have to copy & paste the whole link in your browser for it to work.
Ends soon, lots of stuff with no bds.

I didn’t see anything indicating that there were any reserve prices, so if that holds true, then many of those prices are crazy low! If I was anywhere close to South Dakota I would buy a couple of those huge draw press machines just for decorations ($100 each!?). I could pick up at least a couple of them in the deuce & a half. I suspect that many of those old beasts are worn and may need parts which might not be available.

Saw more than a few items to bid on but they don’t ship & it’s a long drive up from AZ.

So many memories. I busted my knuckles on many of those machines.

Surprising to see so much of it go so low.